Everything you need to know to get start with Brandkey. If you face any issues, please contact support.

We’ll let you know. if yo start running close to your request limit for your package, we have a hard limit. But we will always contact you before you get close to this limit to let you know of your options. We usually price per request after you’ve reached your monthly cap.

If your request didn’t return meta information this could be due to a few reasons. First, check the website has meta information within the HTML. Second, it could be because the domain is specifically blocking crawlers. This issue rarely happens, but we respect headers on websites.

This could be due to the domain not listing their social profiles, some brands hide their social profiles or dynamically inject them into the DOM using AJAX. We go through a 3 step accuracy process to get social profiles, so this issue is very rare.

We are constantly optimising our API to increase the speed, but we are limited by how long the website takes to load up using our Chromium browser. If it’s an image heavy site with lots of Javascript loading, it will take longer than a website that is fully optimised for speed.

Email us at [email protected] or contact us directly through Live chat in the bottom right of the screen.